3 Reasons to Get a Home Inspection in Tallmadge, OH

From spending the day browsing historic churches and cathedrals to seeing Tallmadge from the clouds on a hot air ballon ride, there is lots to do in this quaint Ohio town.  If you are considering a move here or already own a property in Tallmadge, or anywhere else in the vicinity (Akron, Canton, Cleveland, etc.) here are three reasons you may need to get a home inspection.

1. You are trying to buy a house.

You’ve found the house of your dreams.  It’s the right size, the location is perfect, it has a backyard you can transform into your own private oasis, but the roof looks like it could use some work. Don’t leave a situation like this to chance.  Get a potential property inspected before you buy and no room will be left for sudden, expensive surprises.

 2.  Locate undetected pests.  

The old saying “out of sight, out of mind” rings true when it comes to pests that you can’t see. The problem is, however, that undetected pests cause unchecked damage.  When you have a home inspection done, trained
inspectors look for signs of termites and other pests, especially in those out of the way places like crawl spaces and attics.

3.  Save money by detecting structural damage early. 

Structural damage can creep up over time from things like ongoing water damage.  It can also happen suddenly, such as from a natural disaster.  Most structural damage, however, occurs overtime.  The problem with structural damage is that you usually can’t see it. That’s why it is important to have a home inspected if you think there may be structural damage to your current property or you are planning to buy a new home.  The earlier the damage is identified, the less expensive it will be to fix.

At Ark Home Inspection, we offer quality, thorough home inspections, termite & pest inspections, and more.  Our friendly team of home inspection experts are here to answer all of your questions about getting a home inspection for a property you wish to purchase in Tallmadge or for the current property you own. Call us at 330-760-5048 to get started.

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