Everything You Need to Know about Radon Testing

Have you recently had your home or business tested for radon? If not and you live in Northeast Ohio this is something you might want to consider. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Northeast Ohio falls into Zone 1, meaning its residents are at a highest risk of encountering high levels of radon than […]

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5 Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector

A home inspector is a professional who specializes in checking the condition of a home to help the buyer make the best decision.  The activity focuses on viewing the physical and visible conditions of the home, and this can be done anytime before or during the transaction period with the real estate agent. If you’re […]

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Typical Outdoor Ant Infestations in Ohio

The State of Ohio is generally prone to all manner of ant infestations owing to its warm summers and plenty of woody vegetation. For this reason, it’s important for residents to familiarize themselves with these common outdoor ant infestations, especially if you plan on selling your property anytime soon.  If you’re a buyer, these are […]

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Tips for Keeping Pests out of Your Ohio Home

Many homes experience a problem with common pests at one time or another. These pests can invade a home and make it difficult to enjoy being there. However, there are some easy ways to keep these pests out of your Ohio home. Read on to learn how to keep your home pest-free. Seal the Doors […]

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