Garage Doors

Garage doors are the most frequently used entrance to the home. Because of this, their size and weight can make them dangerous if not cared for properly. One in 15 garage doors don’t have the proper safety features installed on them.

If your home has a garage door opener that was installed before 1993 it may not have an important safety feature. The sensor eyes that are near the floor sense obstructions and stop the door if something, like your kid or one of his 1000 toys, in its way. Along with sensing the object and stopping the door, the opener reverses the door, sending it all the way back up. Sensor eyes should be no higher than 6” off of the ground.

To make sure your door and opener are operating properly, it needs to be tested once a month.

Testing your garage door can be done in 3 Steps

  1. Check the sides of the garage door for properly installed photo (sensor) eyes mounted no higher than six inches of off the ground.
  2. Block the photo eye with an object that is more than 6 inches tall and press the opener’s button. The door should not close.
  3. Lay an object that is at least 1.5 inches tall on the ground in the door’s path and press the garage door’s close button. The door should strike the object and then reverse off of this object.

The door should be serviced and lubricated annually by a professional. This is very important to do because not only does the professional check the entire door, hardware and safety features, but he/she will also check and make sure the large springs that help raise and lower the door are operating safely and are in good working condition. Check Angie’s List or Home Advisor for a service professional in your area.

Two Important Safety Measures

Two important safety measures are to make sure that the opener button is at least 60 inches above the garage floor; and the manual pull cord needs to be at least 72 inches above the door. If you have small children, you know how they love to press buttons and pull cords. Not cool in the garage.

More Safety Tips

For more information and safety tips about garage doors, please visit:

Even though we overlook them, garage doors are a part of our daily lives. Most of us use them as our main way to get into and out of our homes. The safe operation of them is very important to our daily lives. So make sure you don’t overlook monthly and yearly maintenance and testing.

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