Typical Outdoor Ant Infestations in Ohio

The State of Ohio is generally prone to all manner of ant infestations owing to its warm summers and plenty of woody vegetation. For this reason, it’s important for residents to familiarize themselves with these common outdoor ant infestations, especially if you plan on selling your property anytime soon.  If you’re a buyer, these are the kinds of ant infestations you want to look out for and make sure it’s not an ongoing problem.

Carpenter Ant
They are the largest and by far the most troublesome of all ants in Ohio. They eat wood, chew out areas, and cause structural damage.

Cornfield Ant
These ants build nests in walls, between bricks, in lawns, beneath rocks, and in pavement cracks . They emit a very foul odor when crushed.

Larger Yellow Ant
Yellow ants live in soil right next to the foundations of buildings, below the basement floors, in the concrete voids, and in rotting wood. They emit a bad odor when crushed and may pose a nuisance to the home ambiance.

Pharaoh Ant
This ant feeds mainly on honey, jellies, fruit juices, and soft drinks, and mainly resides in surgical wounds. It may cause lots of disturbance when left to increase in population unabated.

Thief/Grease Ant
These ants are prevalent in kitchens, cupboards, and sinks, and feed on grease and dead rodents. They may transmit hygiene-related ailments.

Pavement Ant
Residing mainly in cracks of woodwork and masonry, these ants pose damages to furniture and buildings by reason of feeding on them.

It is worth noting that there exist several other ants such as the Little Black Ant, False Honey Ant, Allegheny Mound Ant, Lawn Ant, Acrobat Ant, Odorous House Ant, and Crazy Ant which are also common ant infestations in Ohio.

Before you move into a new house you will want to know if there are any ant infestations or other pests in or around the property.  We know what to look for to uncover any kind of ant infestation in a property you might be thinking about buying during our inspection. If you’re a homeowner who thinks you may have an ant infestation other pest problem, call us for a thorough pest inspection.

We are based in the Tallmadge, Ohio area and primarily serve Northeast Ohio including such areas as Cleveland, Canton, and Akron. Besides termite and pest inspection, we also offer home inspection, radon testing, mold inspections, and septic and well inspections.

If you are thinking of purchasing a home, need a pest inspection, or require another service listed above, contact Ark Home Inspection today.  A member of our friendly team will answer all of your questions. We can also give you a free estimate.  Call us today at 330-760-5048.





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